Who is the United States of America? How is the changing ethnic identity of the United States affecting those ideals? Perhaps Asian, Indian, Albanian, Panamanian, Cuban, African, Peruvian, Italian, German, or Middle Eastern sustain these United States. If the United States is understood as an efficient form of unification - declaring Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all of its people - should its society’s ethnic identity follow a strict tradition of collective identity? Or should it more closely resemble an interconnected network of unique individuals seamlessly sharing - without bias or prejudice.

     The question then, is not, who are Americans. But who is the United States of America? How can we translate traditional language such that it embraces our stance, as a federation of planetary citizens, since its declaration more than 200 years ago. The United States is still the land of opportunity, a modern day fertile crescent of humanity. More importantly, the United States should continue to act in ways true to its original design: set a good example. It is our responsibility to set that example through adversity, for each other.  Every man, woman, and child aboard this planet should have the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; no matter the color of their skin, hair or eyes; no matter sexual orientation, financial situation, or religious obligation, we are all endowed with an unalienable pursuit of potential at birth. We embrace a United States that holds these truths to be self evident.

    We are the American Millennials.